WhatsApp, Online and Phone YOUNG BIRD SALE 2024

Register with Lee Curtis on 07835707785 for the WhatsApp group

Or follow on the Clubs Website bids also taken by phone or email

A Daniels 07579781745

SALE 3.             April 1st Ends 7th April 


 Runners & Riders after 2 Sales please check your Ring Numbers

SALE 1        

Lot 1 J&L Curtis                 GB24D07683          S Sanders

Lot 2 M Becker                  Withdrawn 

Lot 3 L&J Curtis                 GB24D07605          L&J Curtis

Lot 4 M Horn                     GB24C53981          Zene

Lot 5 L&J Curtis                GB24D07606          L&J Curtis

Lot 6 T Burkill                    GB24X05704          T Burkill

Lot 7 T Burkill                    GB24X05726          T Burkill 

Lot 8  T Burkill                   GB24X05720          T Burkill

Lot 9 D Culling                  GB24X05362          S Sanders   

Lot 10 D Culling                GB24X05369          N Barran

SALE 2   

Lot 11 M\M P Barker          GB24B42121          A Daniels 

Lot 12  D Hicks                  GB24X07324          S Sanders   

Lot 13 J Davis                   GB24D63586          J Davis

Lot 14  K Terry                  GB24D63641          J Davis 

Lot 15  M\M P Barker         GB24B42130          S Dyer 

Lot 16  D Hicks                 GB24X07322          D Hicks   

Lot 17  M Simmons            GB24X06908          C Simmons

Lot 18  A&C Daniels          GB24D07731          N Barran

Lot 19 J&L Curtis               GB24D07685          J Buckle

Lot 20 J&L Curtis               GB24D07684          J Buckle

Lot 21 F&G Bristow           GB24Z23473          S Dyer          

Lot  22  R Saunders           GB24S23317          R Baker 

Lot 23  L&J Curtis              GB24D07614          M Becker

Lot 24  S Sanders              GB24X10121          S Sanders    

Lot 25  M Becker               GB24X02444          P&D Elwood   

Lot 26  M Becker               GB24X02446          M Becker

Lot 27  M Becker               GB24X02448          M  Becker  

Lot 28  Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25181          D Culling

Lot 29 Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25182          D Culling

Lot 30 Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25183          D Culling

Lot 31 Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25184          D Culling 

Lot 32 Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25185           G Wager

Lot 33 Rose & Kemp         GB24Z25186          G Wager

Lot 34 Perry Bros & Bunt   GB24X11121          P Rust     

Lot 35 G Cornish               GB24X07804          C Simmons   

Lot 36 G Cornish               GB24X07805          G Cornish 

Lot 37 G Cook&Son           GB24X08161          A Daniels

Lot 38 G Cook&Son           GB24X08162          I Dyer

Lot 39 G Cook& Son          GB24X08163          I Dyer

Lot 40  G Cook&Son          GB24X08164           A Daniels