April   10th                 SLEAFORD    Trainer Weather permitting (Wednesday)

April 13th                   SLEAFORD  OPEN

April 20th                   SLEAFORD

April 27th                 NEWARK

May 4th                    BUBWITH

May 11th                   WETHERBY

May 18th                   SLEAFORD                DUNBAR

May 25th                   WETHERBY  

June 1st                      BUBWITH                  PERTH

June 8th                    DARLINGTON      to include Yearling Derby 

June 15th                   BUBWITH                  FRASERBURGH

June 22nd                  DARLINGTON

June 29th                   NEWARK                   LERWICK 

July 6th                       BUBWITH     

July 13th                    WETHERBY               THURSO

July 20th                     FREE WEEK

July 24th                     SLEAFORD                OPEN ?

July 27th                     SLEAFORD

August 3rd                 SLEAFORD

August 10th               NEWARK

August 17th              BUBWITH

August 24th               WETHERBY

August 31st               DARLINGTON          A\A Open

September 7th         SLEAFORD

September 14th       BUBWITH                  DUNBAR

Birdage 70p   All subject to R.P.R.A site availability and should I mention Covid Bird Flu and weather 

18th May              DUNBAR

1st June               PERTH

15th June             FRASERBURGH

29th June             LERWICK

13th July              THURSO

14th September    DUNBAR   Young Birds
21st September    DUNBAR  Old Hens