League states after Newark 2 29.06.2024 Lerwick to come 
Premier League Points
T Burkill 145
G&J Hunt 126
J Davis 102
Woods&Batch L2 101
K Terry 99
F&G Peruzzi 98
P Harrod 95
P&T Rodgers 91
T Moore 83
R Odgen 72
Woods&Batch L1 64
Perry Bro & Bunton 48
R Temple 46
B Burgess 36
S Ewing 33
P&D Firman 29
M Bundy 16
Wager&Bailey 15
S French 11
D Swallow 9
C Seago 1
S Kaschner 195
M Simmons 162
A&C Daniels 124
R&A Bygrave 123
D Hicks 122
K Nixon & Son 84
J Byrne 78
S Ellis 54
M Becker 52
Howells &Dorritt 50
L Horne 41
B Harrison 39
M&A Horn 35
B Saunders 33
T&P Rust 29
D Miller 23
H McKeown 14
P Garnham 12
J Want 12
J Howells 12
A&P Bufton 11
J Eagle 6
B&A Lake 1
League One
D Culling 161
P&D Ellwood 134
G Arterton 111
J Spurdens 110
J&L Curtis 92
L&J Curtis 91
Harrod& Seaman 87
N Weatherhead 72
G&J Burrows 66
A Hampton 62
A Eldred& Son 45
R&D Carter 33
M Fuller 33
R Lark 23
B George 20
B Chance 20
M/M Mayes 19
J&T Ivatt 18
R Wells 15
M/M Quantrill 15
K&D Carter 12
S Fountain 10
B Laws 10
C Sewell 10
M Chamberlain 8
G Cook&son 8
S Sanders 8
M/M P Barker 7
M/M D Spruce 6
K Gooch 4
C Barnard 4
K Prendi 2
T.E&J Stygall 1

 Rules for League 2024

POINTS as follows                                      as Formula 1

1st                    25

2nd                   18

3rd                   15

4th                   12

5th                   10

6th                   8

7th                   6

8th                   4

9th                   2

10th                 1

Only your first bird will Qualify.

All races to be included NRCC and short races on the same day Not Old Birds in young bird races

Top four going up and bottom four coming down at end of season this could increase to even up numbers i.e. to keep 30 in each of the top two leagues also allowing for members who may resign. (this should be known pre-season)

All members outside the top 2 Leagues will be in league 3 and any new members will have to start at the bottom and work their way up.

For secretaries this will not bring you any extra work all I need is your result as normal showing every members first bird which is the norm in most clubs.

There is 101 pts up for grabs for each league so 303 each week with 606 available on NRCC weeks. (If you send and time in you are in with a chance)

We will also run a Loft Knock out for old and young birds this will start from week one with all paid up members going into the Hat.  (Draw will appear on this site prior to marking) 

The first week will see many who don’t send if you draw someone not racing you must still return your clock and be given a vel.

The full draw will be on the website prior to the race with result hopefully Sunday or Monday at latest 

Secretaries this will not bring on any extra work as Ring numbers are not needed in either competition all I will need is your result showing a vel for every members first bird which is the norm in most clubs.

The loft K.O will at the outset be N&S Convoyed Races only

 I hope all clubs and members take an active part in this just as a piece of fun and banter to add a little interest to the sport at all level’s it is hoped to add some sponsorship prizes etc. in due course if it goes well

The Winner of the Wembley final old and young birds is worth £20 at this time and I am sure we will get more.

I have selected those in each league on performance not just picked out of the sky Premiership all have been in top 6 2023 Championship all have been in result 7th to 20th all the rest in League 3 have not taken a position or not raced     

Any member who feels he does not want to take part please let me know 

Premiership 2024


2                    M\M R Ogden

3                    Woods & Batch L1

4                    Woods & Batch L2

5                    M Bundy

6                    P Sirrell

7                    B Chaplin

8                    Perry Bros & Bunton

9                    G&J Hunt

10               D Swallow

11               J Davis

12               P&T Rodgers

13               M\M I Dye

14               K Terry

15               S Ewing

16               G Cook&Son&Gson

17               K Thacker

18               A&A Wragg

19               T Moore

20               P&D Firman

21               T Colk

22               Bailey & Wager

23               F&G Peruzzi

24               B Temple

25               S French

26               T Burkill

27               B Burgess

28               P Harrod

29              C Seago 

All above were in top 6 Norfolk & Suffolk 2023

Championship 2024

1                    S Ellis

2                    J Want

3                    T Williams   Resigned 

4                    Peacock & Byrne

5                    D Hicks

6                    B&A Lake

7                    T&P Rust

8                    M Becker

9                    R&A Bygrave

10               J Eagle

11               M&A Horn

12               S Kaschner

13               A&C Daniels

14               D Miller

15               B Swallow

16               Howells & Dorritt

17               A&P Bufton

18               L Horne

19               R Saunders

20               J Howells

21               M Simmons

22               H McKeown

23               K Nixon & Son

24               M West

25               K&B Fake

26               B Harrison

27               P Garnham

28               C Bullard

29               G Harvey

All above took positions between 7th and 20th 2023