The A.G.M of the Norfolk & Suffolk was held on Friday 1st March at Diss Town F.C following 3 years hit by Covid, bird flu, and a massive change from South to North a surprisingly healthy Balance sheet was past.

After many years as Race controller Melvyn Horn has stood down with No takers for the vacant position, I was elected to replace him, all previous committee members were elected along with new members Brian Chaplin, Lee Curtis and Malcolm Bunting.

The WhatsApp young bird sales were up and running with plenty of scoop for more entries

N.R.C.C. races were now part of the 2024 Race programme with non-members able to send                                        English Ave all Norfolk & Suffolk O.B races Scottish Ave all NRCC Races excluding Lerwick                                           Old bird Ave Scottish Ave plus English Ave less short races on NRCC days         Best Ave Thurso & Lerwick             Young bird Ave all Norfolk & Suffolk Races Not Dunbar

The yearling Derby will be reintroduced from Darlington on June 8th this along with other races will include pools and some prize money. One of these will be an Open from Darlington for old birds 2 weeks before Dunbar A\A.

In an attempt to create interest and inter loft K.O competition will be run on each members first bird 1 old bird 1 young bird

A 3 Tier League system will also be introduced with promotion and relegation with in the leagues as in Football the points will be as F1 racing

Those selected in each league on performance not just picked out of the sky Premiership all have been in top 6 2023 Championship all have been in result 7th to 20th all the rest in League 3 have not taken a position or not raced   

The above is just for fun and has no bearing on any Averages, etc there will be some tweaking as it progresses but hopefully you will all take part in the spirit intended

some small amount of sponsorship has come in and hopefully as it progresses more will follow (Full details to follow)   

Any member who feels he does not want to take part please let me know 

The Race Programme for 2024 can be found on a separate page on this website.

Birdage will increase by 10p to 70p Subs up to £30 all others to remain the same