Christmas and new year have come and gone and not much has changed if anything we are in a worse position than we were last April and not a lot to look forward too at the moment.

The breeding season will soon be in full swing and No Y.B. Sales at the moment 

It looks like channel racing for us in 2021 is very unlikely so two races from the West country have been included should the channel racing be available at a later date these two races could change.

Young bird racing starts on 24th July and will finish on September 11th at Lyndhurst or Chale (to be decided) Several short races have been included in the young birds these are hoped to combat YBS

But may also change due to weather the last two summers have seen extreme high temperatures etc. should this be the case in 2021 races could be cancelled completely.

St Albans 4202 and Kingsdown 4147 are not available at this time but i would recommend secretaries get distances from these sites A new site is available at Holmsley 4237 which is near Lyndhurst and Chichester 4235 will be used in 2021 so these need to be entered to your distance list.

Birdge will be increased by 5p to 60p for Friday marking £1 per bird Thursday inland £2.50 for Channel 

The A.G.M is set for Sunday 28th February at 12 Noon it is essential we close 2020 and pass the balance sheet and vote in 2021 committee with this in mind 

I would ask all secretaries if they would pass on Agenda and balance sheets to their members to keep down postal expenses as much as possible

If you are unable to assist with this please let me know

All propositions by 31st January 

As far as the Committee, Balance sheet and resignations are concerned I will take no response as (approval.)

I will forward up to date balance sheet after next statement on 18th January.

An Agenda can be found on the website which will be updated up until the 31st of January (would clubs let me know any Resignations)

I have enclosed a copy of 2021 race program as it stands at the moment Two channel races in place of the two Westerly races have not been ruled out but do not look likely at this time.

No presentation this year but there will be Prize cards and cups & Trophies won would clubs with members with cups etc. try to return them to me (I will put a list on the website)

Perhaps one day we will all meet up again for a drink.