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With bird flu preventing young bird sales and restricting entries in our races the club is using this out let to hopefully boast funds and keep the club running to the standard we have become accustomed

Melvyn & Sheila Horn  A pair of Gaby Vandenabeele (ready in 10 days )

Reserved £30      £70   SOLD  

A&C Daniels     Frans Zwols from border Lofts stock now sold out to the House of Aarden                Reserve  £20       £40      SOLD     

 Jeremy Nicholson A pair from the stock Loft (ready in 2-3 weeks)

Reserve £100   bid £100  SOLD

Steve Kaschner  A Pair  Mcfadden's from stock Loft both grizzles ready in 10 days

Reserve £15  bid £60    SOLD       

Kath Terry A Pair from the stock loft  ready in 4 weeks   

Reserve £30    bid £35 SOLD  

A&T Wright Norwich  Jella Jellma                   ready in 3 weeks 

Reserve £50    Bid £60   SOLD

David Fisher      A pair from distance stock birds, which will be either from a son of islas rainy day boy 1st international pau x dtr of a gson of islas rainy day boy that scored 3 times NFC Pau for joe Raeburn or from a gson Gwen 1st nfc San Sebastián for joe Raeburn x dtr of Mark Bulleds 060 - 2 of my main stock pairs - ready   End April                                                                                                                                                                  
Reserve £50   Bid £75  SOLD    

Dennis Ball  From my best stock. M&D evans and GWP Macaloney direct children of top class breeders/racers.  Pick any one of 3 that will be Ready 23rd/24th.
Reserve £40    Bid £60 SOLD
Kelvin Sharman  half brother to B.I.C.C. winner  Reserve £50  bid £50 
ends    12.00 noon  7th May SOLD     phone 01379 651859  or 07579781745

we now need further birds to keep things going.

 Donors set your minimum price you will let them go for send me the details and i will up date as often as need be 

 The younger they are the longer they can be on offer