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This is 2021 program i must make it clear that this is No way set in stone and could be change due to

Covid, and bird flu but is hoped to give you a broad outlook for 2021 should the start date be delayed the at least the first 6 races will be in that order.

10th April                   St Albans / Bovingdon

17th April                   Maidstone

24th April                   Eastbourne

1st May                      Woking                                              Falaise B.I.C.C

8th May                      Lyndhurst

15th May                   Maidstone                                        Alencon B.I.C.C

22nd May                   Eastbourne

29th May                   Woking                                              St Philibert’s B.I.C.C.

5th June                     Lyndhurst                            

12th June                   Eastbourne                                      Poitiers B.I.C.C.          

19thJune                    Honiton                                            

26th June                   Eastbourne

3rd July                       Lyndhurst                                         Le Mans B.I.C.C.

10th July                     Kings Down

17th July                     Free Week                                        Nort-Sur-Erdre B.IC.C

24th July                     St Albans \ Bovingdon

31st July                     Woking                                              Angouleme B.I.C.C.

7th August                 St Albans \ Bovingdon

14th August              Woking

21st August               Chichester

28th August             St Albans \ Bovingdon                  Guernsey A\A B.I.C.C.

4th September         Woking

11th September       Lyndhurst \ Chale                           Vire  A\A B.I.C.C.

All subject to R.P.R.A. approval