BREEDER                       RING No                        BUYER

 M/M Quantrill                          GB19X 24776                         K Woods

M/M Harvey                            GB19B 05361                         M/M Harvey

Arlow & King                          GB19B 03530                         Arlow & King

Arlow & King                          GB19B 03532                         Arlow & King

M/M Quantrill                          GB19X 24775                         M/M Quantrill

Arlow & King                          GB19B 03527                         M/M Chamberlain

C Seago                                   GB19X 24953                         M/M Dyer

M Graham                               GB19X 24842                         K Woods

R Saunders                              GB19B 01616                         M/M Dyer

K Gooch                                  GB19L 08531                          K Thacker

E & C Oxborough                    GB19N 38068                         E & C Oxborough

M Fuller                                   GB19L 08486                          M/M Dyer

M & A Horn                            GB19V 17963                         M & A Horn

E & C Oxborough                    GB19N 38071                         D Fisher

R Saunders                              GB19B 01629                         M Fuller

M Graham                               GB19X 24843                         M/M Quantrill

C Seago                                   GB19X 24960                         C Seago

C & E Oxborough                    GB19N 49080                         D Fisher

K Thacker                                GB19L 08583                          K Thacker

A & C Daniels                          GB19D 01022                         E & C Oxborough

A & C Daniels                         GB19D 01028                         E & C Oxborough

A & C Daniels                          GB19D 01024                         E & C Oxborough

J Nicholson                              GB19D 20570                         M/M Chamberlain

P Meades & Son                      GB19V 02073                         M/M Dyer

P Meades & Son                      GB19V 02070                         M/M Dyer

P Meades & Son                      GB19V 02074                         M/M Dyer

D Fisher                                   GB19D 20330                         R A Beaumont

T Smith & Son                        GB19A 12310                         Arlow & King

C Bullard                                 GB19L 08603                          M/M Harvey

P Harrod                                  GB19B 05876                         P Harrod

P Harrod                                  GB19B 05877                         P Harrod

R Strowger                               GB19N 58857                         R Strowger

R Strowger                               GB19N 58858                         R Strowger

Chapman & Eastoe                  GB19V 49593                         M/M Dyer

J & A Hacon                            GB19H 26949                         J & T Ivatt

J & A Hacon                            GB19H 26960                         J & A Hacon

R Hacon & Son                        GB19H 26825                         R Hacon & Son


Prize Money:


1st £150 each Breeder/Buyer

2nd £75 each Breeder/Buyer

3rd £35 each Breeder/Buyer


Please could competitors check that the above details are correct.

 Please forward your velocities to the Secretary, Mrs S Quantrill, 1502 583214 or email: within 7 days of the race.

Many thanks to all the participating members & Good Luck

Transporter Fund
T Calver                 GB19A12573      J Nicholson
A&C Daniels          GB19D01004      M\M D Quantrill
D Fisher                GB19D20319       M\M S Dyer
P Garnham           GB19L08720        P Garnham
D Fisher                GB19D20369       M\M M Dyer
A&C Daniels          GB19D44923      G Debbage
B Burgess             GB19L08755      Chamberlian
G Wallett               GB19C08272      K Gooch
N Jones                 GB19L08778      N Jones
A White                 GB19D46551      M\M D Quantrill
D Fisher                GB19D20379     M\M P Barker
G&J Burrows        GB19D46543      Hodge
G&J Burrows        GB19D46545      M\M P Barker
R Saunders          GB19B01639      R Saunders
A&C Daniels        GB19D01019      T Ivatt
R Saunders           GB19N48793   R Saunders
R Saunders           GB19N48794   R Saunders
Presentation Night
K Terry                  GB19D44683     M\M P Barker
G&J Burrows        GB19D44818      A&C Daniels
M\M M Dyer          GB19X24708      M\M B Chamberlain
J Davis                  GB19D44672      Arlow&King
J Nicholson           GB19D20589     K Whiting
M Fuller                 GB19L08487     Arlow&King
C Smith                 GB19A12274      S Kaschner

Sausage & Mash Night
L Abrams&sons     GB19D19942     M&A Horn
L Abrams&sons     GB19D19943     M&A Horn
C Seago                GB19X24941     R Baker
C Seago                GB19X24944     R Baker
T Calver                GB19A12599     A&C Daniels
T Calver                GB19A12596    A&C Daniels
J Nicholson            GB19D20591   A&C Daniels
J Nicholson            GB19D20599   A&C Daniels
Lol Stanbrooke      GB19H27906   K Thacker
Lol Stanbrooke      GB19H27908   K Thacker

Diss Breeder Buyer

1.    G&J Burrows      GB19D44821    G&J Hunt            
2.    J Davis               GB19D44809     M\M M  Dyer       
3.    I Rich                  GB19V95797     T Colk               
4.    C Bullard            GB19D43683    G&J Hunt        
5.    Arlow&King         GB19B03463    Arlow&King         
6.    G&J Burrows      GB19D44814    G&J Hunt       
7.    M&A Horn           GB19V17968     Hodges       
8.    A White               GB19D46552    B Chamberlian   
9.    T Colk                 GB19R22099    Hodges       
10.    T Calver            GB19A12597    G&J Hunt       
11.    G&J Burrows     GB19D44833    L Horne       
12.    A&C Daniels      GB19D01039    Hodges       
13.    J Davis              GB19D44810    G Burrows      
14.    Arlow&King        GB19B03462    Arlow&King       
15.    E&C Oxborough GB19N49081   G Debbage       
16.    R Prewer           GB19X06677    M\M D Quarntrill   
17.    J Wickham         GB19A12551    M\M D Quantrill   
18.    J&L Curtis          NWHU19L1174 D Debbage       
19.    A White              GB19Z23085     Hodges       
20.    M Horn               GB19V17967    Ablet           
20a.    R Rix                GB19D34180    R Rix           
21    A Wragg             GB19F00821     A Wragg      
22.    A&C Daniels      GB19D44924    D Debbage       
23.    G&J Burrows     GB19D44836    Hodges       
24.    G&J Hunt           GB19D01137    G&J Burrows      
25.    J Wickham         GB19A12558    J Wickham       
26.    R Prewer           GB19X06679     S Nicholson       
27.    S Nicholson       GB19V00523     Hodger       
28.    M Fuller              GB19L08491    K Gooch    
29.    D Fisher             GB19D20387    Ablet          
30.    G&J Burrows      GB19D46541    M\M P Barker 
31.    A&C Daniels       GB19D44926    M\M M Dyer       
32.    A White              GB19D46553    Thompson Bros   
33.    T Calver             GB19A12592     G&J Hunt    
34.    S Nicholson        GB19V00524     Hodges     
35.    G&J Burrows      GB19D44822    B Chamberlian   
36.    J Wickham          GB19A12552     R Strowger       
37.    A&C Daniels       GB19D01023    T Ivatt           
38.    D Fisher             GB19D20375    Hodges       
39.    J Nicholson        GB19D20585    A&C Daniels       
40.    R Saunders        GB19B01637    R Saunders