Eastbourne saw 46 members send just 571 birds the lowest number sent by the club for several years on a cold but bright day a steady race incurred but returns were good.

Bob Fenech & son took the red card on 1361 with a 4 year old cock the next 13 positions went to Diss members Steve Kaschner and Glen Arterton who`s lofts are only a matter of yards apart at Brockdish with vel ranging from 1355 to 1308 with only one Ipswich Loft racing at the moment the line of flight has changed and seem to be tracking more inland helped by the North East wind.

Donny Spruce having a good year has the 1 – 2 at Flegg on 1303 1301 Rocco Hacon & Son wins Bradwell  and is the last bird in the 1300s the 2 Horns Les and Melvyn hold up the result at Kessingland.

St Albans 60 sent 1,022 bird's much improved birdage with still 20% of the club still unable to race do to bird flu which has now gone on beyond a joke with the prospect of No channel racing this may well be the last straw for some, pigeons are not affected by bird flu and the sooner they are taken out of this list the better. Now to the race after a late start do to some light rain liberation took place at 12.45 into a North Wind this week was the turn of the fish & chip country with Putty Harrod taking 1st & 4th vel 1240,1201 at Ness Point the winner a yearling Mervyn West is 2nd vel 1229 while Kessingland winner Philip Garnham is 3rd vel 1202 Glen Arterton and Steve Kaschner are well placed at Diss T&W Wilson put Drayton in the result at 13th vel 1183 just in front of Brian Pearce at Hadleigh 1181

This week will see us at a new Race Point Reading and this time we have a good turn out for Guernsey  B.I.C.C. good luck