The weather for the comeback Woking race was poor but 78 members sent 1,690 birds released at 1.30 the weather at the home end was overcast with little sun but the birds made good time with the Ipswich area taking all the top position. Paul Ablett wins a much stronger Hadleigh club and put the club at the top on 1574 well done to Paul.

From Hadleigh the birds seemed to take that route south of the Orwell Bridge with Jeremy Nicholson winning Ipswich R.P.C on 1539 a second pigeon on 1536 would be 5th Club mates Dennis Ball Mick Abrams David Fisher and the Osbourne family would clean up the Top 10 except for Colin Smith down on the Golden mile 1st Ipswich S.R. and 6th Open 1528 only Kessingland winner E Aldred & sons made the top 20 vel 1498 the first bird into Norfolk was Diss winner Gary Hunt on 1469

Stoney Cross  93 members sent 1,728 birds released at 8.00 in to a light North East wind a steady race was on the card’s new member at Roudham Edgar Bartkus would take the top 2 spots on 1346 club mate Bob Fenech&Son would take the next 3 positions on 1332,1317,1308 down on the Golden mile The East wind gives Ipswich S.R the edge with Tony Calver taking 6th on 1298 with club mates Jimmy Wickham and Colin Smith close behind on 1292,1288 Dennis Ball wins Ipswich R.P.C in 7th vel 1295 Glen Arterton wins Diss on 1283 and longest flyer on the day Humphrey&King win Flegg on 1282 flying 185 miles nearly 40 miles further than the winner which just goes to show in this rural area what we have to deal with, returns were good.

Kingsdown club birdage 79 members sent 1,057 birds a new race point for me and I must say not an area I like but in these times you just have to do what you can and get on with it Released at 6.30 into a No wind situation with a light North West at the home end it turned out to be a good race with leading birds making high 1500s  Edgar Bartkus went one better this week taking the first 3 for Roudham club vel 1489,1485,1485, winning £70 prize money Colin Smith has £50 with Ipswich S.R. winner in 4th place vel 1477 while back at Roudham Bob Fenech&Son are 6th with £30 vel 1471 Mick Abrams wins Ipswich RPC  and £25 vel 1459 a new name for me  K Mulley picks up £15 in 12th place at Ipswich S.R. while Jeremy Nicholson who had a big part in providing the prize money takes £10 in 16th place only 3 clubs made the top 20. Just a mention for my old mate Donny Spruce who won Flegg flying 245 miles vel 1421 again nearly 40 miles further than the winners. Still the Open result to come and another £100 then we can do it all over again next week.  

With prize money now being won and some still with me from 2020. If we come out of restrictions on the 21st June or soon after could be a draw for some members to come to Diss for A Late Bred Sale Buffett Pint and payout in August.