Well, it’s been a while since I updated this page and an up and down time it has been, the so called Black Saturday followed by two rainy weekends. 

Kingsdown 2 a good turn out 74 members sending 1,066 birds all went well on the trip down and there was no indication as to what was to come Released at 6 - 45 into a bright and clear if not Sunny sky with a light Easterly wind returns were expected around 45 mph this was not to be the case with the top vel for Jeremy Nicholson 917 picking up £70 Kath Terry only sending 5 has 2 in the top 10 in 2nd and 6th vel 909,841 and picks up £50 Dennis and Elaine Ball are 3rd Vel 875 while further out on the coast at Kessingland Les Horne is 4th vel 861 Steven Ellis Longest flyer in the top 20 flying 250 miles flies the flag for Flegg in 5th place vel 845. Returns on the day were poor and varied from loft to loft putting my neck out at this time a month later I would say most not all have worked home I myself sent 30 got 26 home during the week and one reported dead just a mile from home I would say there was little connection to in the order they returned and I would exchange several home for one that is missing some that made it home may well see another blacker day yet.

Final message is for 2 non members who topped the Open result with 1,187 birds Winning pigeon to the Loft of Hard-working E.A.F secretary David Anderson at Norwich on 1030 picking up £50 in 2nd Place another hard-working Secretary of M11 Dave Downing 1008 these two birds were almost 40 miles apart well done and thank you for your support.

The following week 78 members turned out again with 1,049 birds for Woking and were well rewarded with a good race Lenny & Mick Abrams have the top 2 on 1490,1488 Tony Calver wins Ipswich S.R. and 3rd Open on 1478 and its Ipswich birds again with Dennis & Ellaine Ball with 7 in the top 20 the first being 4th vel 1471 Kath Terry has 3 together for 5th 6th & 7th vel 1451,1451,1450

Two races to go and the general consensus was Stoney Cross then Oakhampton after Black Saturday would be too far and this in conjunction with Guernsey B.I.C.C entries would be poor, as it turn out the weekend for Stoney Cross was predicted to be poor Saturday and Sunday so this answered my Question and the decision was taken to go to St Albans and finish with Stoney Cross. To answer why St Albans is this is preferred to Bovingdon by most (I think) Woking would be a good choice but on an unpredictable weekend if the birds are not away early i.e., before 10.00 am the car park becomes full Liberation may not be possible. As it turns out liberation did not take place till 13.00 so St Albans was the best move, only 53 members turned out for this race sending a mere 742 birds this is 25 members down on the previous week and 250 birds less for a shorter race which is very disappointing when people try to give members a race in poor weather conditions it would be easier to cancel but this would not be fair on those who go out of their way to support. As to the result Tony Calver won Ipswich S.R. and first Open on 1685 Lenny & Mick Abrams in Ipswich R.P.C and 2nd Open 1609 the next birds were at Kessingland with E Aldred&Sons 3rd 5th & 6th 1602,1592,1591, Philip Garnham is 4th 1594 returns were good

The last race saw a similar number 58 \ 732 weather again played its part with Liberation delayed till 13.55 in a light South East Wind returns again were good and with fewer birds the result was spread around with yours truly clocking the winner and £70 plus yearling Derby vel 1392 Flegg have the next 2 Harry McKeown 2nd  with a another yearling 1358 with Steve Ellis 3rd  1357 picking up £50 & £30 respectively Colin Smith and Tony Calver fly the flag for Ipswich 4th& 5th and share £40 Tony also wins the Brian Long Memorial and £176 not well supported but as they say you have to be in it to win it.

The old bird season has come to an end after a very difficult and disappointing year with No Channel racing as I write these notes the first young bird race has already been cancelled I feel sure the weeks ahead will see high temperatures, young bird sickness and stormy weather all part of the course in today's climate and I think it is here to stay   

   good luck with the Young birds 


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