As 2021 nears its end looking back it was a strange year it started with a lock down which delayed racing till 1st May channel Racing was a No No with the French making us suffer for leaving the EU. The weather played its usual games with some very windy weather and dull wet weather for about 4 weeks the 19th June will be remembered for several years for BLACK Saturday when many a good bird and fancier bit the dust. With no channel racing races were flown from Penzance, Truro, Waderbridge some attempted to fly North with little success later Guernsey would become the only channel crossing  

Young birds started with some good weather and as in every year expectancy was high this was the year when young bird sickness was not going to be a problem but a lass it was one of the worst years ever, followed by some in different whether in late August we finished up at Chale in September with a good race.

Most lofts ended the year with a fair number of youngsters left in this respect East Anglia in general were lucky but many had not been far or had few races this may well come back to haunt some in 2022.

As racing finished, we moved into the silly season with conversation of Racing North South and West were the order of the day as winter neared and migrating birds return from far of countries bird flu became rife throughout the British Isles this was added to with a new variant of covid which as I write these notes is reaching uncomfortable high levels a lock down looks on the cards for the New year.

Good news Epsom and Doncaster shows went ahead and locally Ness point held local shows, The Norfolk & Suffolk Presentation made a come back after a miss year and a good night was had by all Ipswich R.P.C followed up with their Presentation in much the same vain.

As I look forward to spring young bird sales in March and April are a way of yet as is our first race on April 9th Blackpool looks a little uncertain let’s all hope things improve in the coming weeks in the mean time all we can do is look after our birds breed our youngsters KEEP SAFE and keep our fingers crossed.

On club front crates are cleaned Transporter and feeder vehicle both M.O.T and ready to go as soon as Xmas is over I shall be booking the club room for a meeting and A.G.M. some time in March.