A view from the Secretary

After two easy races from Bovingdon and Woking with good returns it was into the last race Chale Isle of Wight for most of its critics it is an expensive 160 mile race for 5 miles of water but with the prospect of a strong North East wind it seemed the wind had pushed the island 20 miles further out to sea with members starting to panics and predict a hard race.

Marking went well on the Thursday night and almost 1,000 birds was a good turnout in a difficult year thanks to the support of Newmarket, Gt Yarmouth and South Norfolk clubs. Driving down over night we were on time for our booking on the 6 AM Ferry and arrived at our race point late morning where the Transporter was Open up drinkers were put on, Later that day when it was feeding time 4 pigeons were found to be sitting on top of a crate on the very top row after checking the seal and race sheets and ring numbers of the pigeons the club was found and only 10 of the 12 pigeons in the crate could be accounted for and we expected that 2 had escaped. The club secretary was informed but not the fanciers at this stage Fridays weather was very windy with some heavy rain.

On this occasion luck was with us as both pigeons arrived home around 8.00 Saturday morning and my thanks go to Bob Fenech and Chris leak who both reported their birds thus eliminating them from the race we could all now get on and enjoy the race.

Just to confirm the crate had been tied and sealed but this had been cut when the crate was loaded in future years we do need to ensure we use a good quality string preferably nylon for crates not a clock string type or a green gardening string I have seen of late more suited to tying up tomatoes, the seal sheet was filled in correctly apart from crates were numbered     1 – 10 not the individual crate number, but the correct crate was found using the seal numbers this highlights the importance of entering the correct number in a crate sex etc.

Now to the race Liberated at 7.30 into a strong North East Wind the convoyer reported that the wind was that strong it took the birds several 100 yds in the wrong direction before they turned and went in one bunch heading in the right direction the wind would drop a little when they got away from the coast but  would again increase as they neared the Norfolk & Suffolk coast as expected Westerly lofts were in the favored spot with Bob Fenech&Son at Attleborough taking the top 4 places vel1214,1213,1213,1213, Jimmy Wickham at Ipswich S.R. is 5th vel 1203 with Chris Leak &Son &King out at Dereham 6th  Bob has 2 more for 7t h& 8th while Ipswich R.P.C have Lenny Abrams&Sons 9th & 10th Mr & Mrs Ronnie Reason is the best of the non-members in 11th vel 1180 Basil Burgess out at Kessingland has two very good birds on 1174 & 1173 Dave Downing is the first Newmarket non member in the result on 1162

Returns in general were very good although some had to work all day, with the N&S, Anglian Classic and Ipswich Gold Ring race over £2000.0 was up for crabs a nice way to finish the season the Classic was won by Chris Leak in East Dereham  Tony Calver wins £650 in the gold ring race with a pigeon that is only  29th Open vel 1108  it’s a surprising with that sort of money more did not have a go especially as the East Anglian fed were not Racing

Pay 3.50 a bird in the B.I.C.C 7 – 8 hours on the wing WIN THE Section  and you are lucky to get £100  I know this is a more prestige’s race but just thought I would run that by you.

Next time i will bring the National Racing up to date and will give an update where we are as to 2021 Racing