A view from the Secretary 

   After  a weeks layoff for bad weather the decision was taken to start back at Maidstone a short race for all and inline for Eastbourne the following week 52 members sent 888 young birds to this Easterly race point not favored by all released at 7.45 into a fresh south west wind the birds homed at over 60mph with the first 9 pigeons going to the Lowestoft area. Andrew Meades has the top 2 on 1877 & 1871 Mr&Mrs David Quantrill 3rd&4th vel 1856,1853 Colin Seago and Roy Etherden are also in the mix Steve Ellis wins Flegg on 1819 and Les Horne at Kessingland 1818 Thompson Bros put Browston in the top 20 on 1817,1815 Steve Kaschner puts Diss in 15th place on 1801 on a rare week when no Ipswich member makes the result. 

A further 435 old birds were also sent and again a good day for Lowestoft Fish & Chip pigeons with Andrew Meades taking top 3 on 1879,1876,1870. Returns were good so on this occasion no problem with the Race point’

The following week we were at my favorite race point Eastbourne on this occasion the weather was not kind to us with a strong North Easterly wind which was even stronger on the cliff tops at beachy head Race marking was delayed by a day but Sunday the weather was better but the wind did not drop as much as predicted 37 sent 537 young birds and only one bird made 1000 ypm and that was to hard working Secretary of Ipswich South Road Trevor Smith&Son vel 1016 jimmy Davis further North at Diss has two for 2nd&4th vel 986,964 K Mulley at Ipswich also with two  982,936  Roy Etherden win Ness Point in 7th place on 924 while at the other end of the radius at Bury St Edmunds new member Florin Geambasu is 9th vel 905 Steve Ellis again wins Flegg on 873 and is the longest flyer in the top 20 on 147 miles Nice to see Norman Jones take the red card at Kessingland on 867. A further 22 members sent  184 old birds which also made hard work of it with Tony Calver taking first 3 at Ipswich on 1006, 990,986 returns on the day were poor especially with the young birds many not facing the north East wind in hindsight we may well of been better of further inland but it would not have changed the wind direction but it may not have been so strong at the start. I like many others dropped birds at this race but it was the day not the race point that beat them.

Bovingdon another race point very few seem to like but so far it has given us two good races this being no exception with a turn out of  931 young birds returns were one of the best of the year Ipswich R.P.C. had a good day regardless of their dislike for the race point taking the first 20 positions with Jeremy Nicholson having the first 13 and Dennis Ball the next 7 the winning bird on 1758 Dennis would get the top spot with the old birds where another 248 were entered vel 1701 If a few more members thought about there birds and getting them home rather than the flight path and if they will win we mite all get better racing . weather wise the day was perfect for racing.

Woking 2 perfect weather again and much of a rerun of Bovingdon with Ipswich taking top 20 positions this time its Dennis Ball taking top 3 on 1963,1962,1955 Jeremy Nicholson has the next 4 with Trevor Smith &son and Tony Calver taking 5 places for Ipswich S.R. all 20 pigeons were in the 1900s Dennis Ball also wins the old bird section and has 5 in the top 10 vel 1949  David Fisher and  Ken Whiting also made the result 239 birds were sent by 25 members returns were good  

This week it’s the last race from Chale its Ipswich gold Ring race and Anglian Classic . It looks like being an east wind so perhaps a different result good luck to you all.