A view from the Secretary 

Woking 2 saw a Liberation into a Strong South West Wind with vels amongst the highest the club has ever had 91 members sent 1,906 birds and Terry Colk from Watton takes the top spot vel 2470 flying 103 miles in 1 hour 13 minutes 2 further birds were clocked for 2nd and  11th vel 2404,2301 George & James Burrows Win Diss and 3rd&4th open vel 2374, 2366  nice to see Costessy in the in the top 10 with Becker & Catchpole on 2329, and Andrea Paternoster 2318 back at Diss its Gary Hunt in his first race this year in 7th vel 2314 Jimmy Davis is the only Suffolk loft in the result and is the shortest flyer on 2313

On the North Norfolk coast, it’s my old friend Donny Spruce leading the Flegg club vel 2312 Roundham, Diss and Costessey fill in the remaining places with 20th place still doing 2259 a rare week no Ipswich loft in the top 20 returns were good but some late birds got a bit ruffed up in the wind.

The following week the weather played a large part yet again with rain forecasted for Saturday and strong winds for Sunday. The decision was taken to stick with a Saturday Race and 83 members went along with this sending 1,428 birds’ shame after all the good racing we have had over the years more people haven’t the confidence in our team to look after their birds.

Back to the Race from Lyndhurst Liberation 9.30 into an overcast sky another fast race was on the cards Richard Paternoster & Daughter lead the way for Ipswich South Road on 2089 Tony Calver is just behind on 2071 on the coast its Les Horne at Kessingland 2065 while back at Ipswich R.P.C is Dennis Ball vel 2065 just pipping Ness Point winner Roy Etherden by a decimal point Tony Calver has 3 more in the top 10 vel 2062,2061,2061 Bob Fenech has the first bird into Norfolk on 2056 and is the only Norfolk bird in the top 20 Barber & Wilkinson win Browston and Andrew &Craig Daniels win Diss returns were again good.

Eastbourne 2 like it or hate it both races have brought out the highest number of members the latest 95 sending 1,570 birds released into a fresh North West wind there would be no 60mph + this week. Ipswich dominate the result this week with Colin Smith taking the first 2 vel 1394,1393 with 2 more in the top 10 Ken Whiting at Hadleigh takes 3rd vel 1381 and Richard Paternoster & Daughter  4th vel 1379 Diss winner Kath Terry is 8th vel 1376 Lloyd  Knill  wins Kessingland vel 1363 there are no Norfolk birds in the result but Eddie & Clayton Oxborough have the first on 1347

A nice steady race and  as I have said before Eastbourne is the fairest race point. Next week we will be at Lyndhurst and incorporates the yearling Derby the last race we will be on new ground way out West at Honiton  for me not a race I would want would rather be over the channel but this is a year like no other, let’s all give it a go after all it’s just a pigeon race its only Devon not the end of the world.    

National Racing B.I.C.C.  Channel not being easy this year even on what look good days 

Well done to Gt Yarmouth flyers Chapman & Eastoe  winning St Philbert 

well done to Roger Strowger and Jeremy Nicholson 2nd & 3rd NE Section

Poitiers well done Dennis Ball 1st NE Sect Roger Strowger 2nd  also Race Controller Melvyn Horn well placed 

on a day when many did not make it on the day