A View from the Secretary

After a week’s lay off due to bad weather it was back to St Albans for week 3   51 members sent 1,093 young birds, Liberated into a light North East a steady race was on the cards and western Lofts would take the spoils  and that’s how it turned out with Rosa&Clarke winning Ipswich S.R. on 1381, Bob Fenech & Son at Attleborough has 5 in the result for 2nd 4th 5th 6t h& 7th vel 1380,1373,1373,1373,1373, Jimmy Davis wins Diss  and gets 7 in the result the top two  3rd and 8th vel 1374 1372, Roger Strowger wins Aldeburgh with 5 in the result and is the only coastal loft to make  the result. A further 18 members sent 224 old birds George & James Burrows lead the field in 1st & 2nd  place vel 1372, 1338 Terry Snell wins Flegg on 1307 with Ken Whiting at the other end of the radius winning Hadleigh vel 1302.

Returns in general were good but some reported a few losses with many going down with Young Bird sickness in the days to follow.

The following week strong winds were predicted on the Saturday so marking was put back a day  for a Sunday Race liberation from Woking  took place at 7.30 into a fresh South West Wind which would give returns of over 2000 ypm Bob Fenech&Son had a fantastic result with 20+ dropping together to take all 20 positions within a minute the 1st  vels 2127 20th  2117 the next highest member could not be further away over at Aldeburgh where Roger Strowger  clocks on 2068 with the strong westerly wind at the home end many birds went over but by the end of the day returns were good.

27 members sent 281 old birds where Bob Fenech&Son continued on top form clocking 6  on 2125,2114, 2111,2093,2093,2093 however Humphrey & King at Flegg one of the longest flyers on the day clocked the winner and the fastest pigeon on the Transporter on the day on 2163

With one race cancelled and some hot, wet and wind weather and the added effect of Young bird Sickness the added numbers of Old Birds have been a great asset to finances and kept the smaller clubs going when young birds were not ready.

281 x 55p = £154.55   well done all 

comming up Monday 2nd September Diss Town Football Club Late Bred Sale  and any pigeon Bric- a- Brac

i.e. baskets, crates, drinkers, books,clocks 

Top Late Breds from top winners  Buffet Bar and Raffle come along for a chat  and pickup a bargain

Raffle Prizes and donations welcome   Youngsters welcome from North and South Roads               



                                                                              Andrew Daniels (sec)