A View from the Secretary

 The clubs longest young bird race Chale Isle of Wight brought an entry of 815 birds from 59 members. Marking on the Thursday went well and the birds were on there way in good time and arrived at the race point early Friday afternoon where they were fed and watered ready for and early start on Saturday.

Liberated at 7.00 into a fresh South East wind and clear blue sky it would turn out to be a testing day the birds seemed to hold a line inland with many homing from the West or North West Bob Fenech&Son had a good day with 11 dropping together after 3 hours 28 minutes for the 165 miles  vel 1394 to 1373 Jeremy Nicholson has the best two in Ipswich on 1367 and Roger Strowger has two over on the coast on 1346 returns varied from Loft to loft but in general do to a combination of heat and East wind there were several empty perches by night fall. ( old wives tale of Sun and Moon in the sky together birds never do well ? ) 24 members sent 189 Old Birds to Chale which again was won by Bob Fenech&Son taking 1st& 2nd vel 1376,1338 Andrea Paternoster at Costessey is 3rd vel 1313 and Fleggs Humphrey&King are 4th vel 1307 George & James Burrows win Diss in 5th vel 1297.

Woking 3 had an entry of 950 young birds liberated at 8.00 into a No Wind Situation Bob Fenech&Son would again have a brilliant race taking 18 of the first 20 positions all clocked in two minutes vel 1730 – 1694 pride and place however would go to Martin Fuller of Kessingland with two together on 1753&1752 for 1st & 2nd  returns were good

26 members sent 185 Old Birds  1st & 2nd went to Bob Fenech&Son vel 1758, 1729  Humphrey & King are 3rd at Flegg vel 1649 with Rocko Hacon &son at Browston  4th vel 1640  

Entry for the last race Lyndhurst was 681 young birds liberated at 9.30 in to a moderate North West wind and again this would be a testing race for many Lenny Abrams &sons put Ipswich R.P.C on the Top spot 1st 2nd & 3rd  vel 1350,1326,1301, Colin Seago over in Fish&Chip country is 4th vel 1258  Richard Paternoster and daughter  win Ipswich South Road on 1251 and Roger Strowger  wins  Aldeburgh on 1247 Bob Fenech is pushed back to 8th in the North West Wind vel1243 and takes the next 8 places  a further 74 old birds were sent and Lenny Abrams &Son have the top bird on 1316 Humphrey &King 40 miles further North are  2nd vel 1124 again several birds missing in place

The annual Late Bred Sale took place at Diss Town F.C on Monday 2nd September when 40+ birds came up for sale along with drinkers, books and feeders. The average price for the birds was poor and anyone looking for some well bred stock were in luck, the night started with a buffet laid on by Sue Shelia and Molly which was worth coming for on its own, many thanks to them and those who provided raffle prizes, and to Melvyn Horn who had the difficult job of selling the birds  all in all good food, good company and good birds  and £700 we did`nt have at the start off the night

The only plus that can be taken from this event is most people said they did not want to buy as they had to many birds as it was for this i give credit to our Race Controller and Convoyer     

Next time will do up date on B.I.C.C races and Club Breeder buyers                                          



                                                                              Andrew Daniels (sec)