Race Program 2022

9th April                     ST ALBANS               

16TH April                  MAIDSTONE           

23RD April                  EASTBOURNE         

30th April                   MAIDSTONE                        FALAISE.   (Not in Ave)

7TH May                     EASTBOURNE                                 

 14TH May                  STONEY CROSS                   FALAISE

21ST     May                EASTBOURNE                     

28TH May                   READING                               ST PHILBERTS Du people

4th June                     KINGSDOWN                                  

11th June                   EASTBOURNE                      POITIERS

18TH June                  STONEY CROSS      

25th June                   KINGSDOWN                                  

2nd July                      EASTBOURNE                                            

9th July                       STONEY CROSS                   LE MANN'S    ?

16TH July                                FREE WEEK  

23RD July                    ST ALBANS                           

30th July                     READING

6th August                 ST ALBANS

13th August               READING

20th August               STONEY CROSS                   GUERNSEY A\A  (Not in Ave)

27th August               ST ALBANS

3rd September         READING

10th September       YEOVIL                                  FALAISE A\A   (Not in Ave)

Subject to site availability Y.B Sickness Weather etc

Birdage 60p & £1 Kingsdown & Yeovil subject to derv cost

YOUNG BIRDS 2022 North Road (Back up) To be revised if it becomes a reality

As channel racing will not be confirmed till the first Channel race on 30th April

Unless a statement is made before, to turn North after April 30th looks improbable. 

16TH July                                FREE WEEK 

23RD July                    SLEAFORD               

30th July                     LACEBY

6th August                 SLEAFORD

13th August               LACEBY

20th August               DRIFFIELD                                                    

27th August               SLEAFORD

3rd September         LACEBY

10th September       WHITBY